The Doctor-Patient Rights Project (DPRP) is a non-profit coalition of doctors, patients, caregivers, companies and advocates fighting to restore the fundamental practice of medicine and to ensure doctors, in partnership with their patients, drive patient care decisions.

The Doctor-Patient Rights Project was founded in 2017 in response to growing levels of interference into the practice of medicine and the appropriate treatment of patients.

Patients are facing rising premiums, steeper deductibles and increasingly being denied access to prescribed treatments, which is jeopardizing their health. Third-party payers are using progressively aggressive tactics to protect their bottom lines and avoid their patient care obligations. As a result, the fundamental practice of medicine is deteriorating and non-medical managers are overriding doctors’ health care decisions and denying patients access to appropriate and beneficial treatments.

The Doctor-Patient Rights Project aims to restore the doctor-patient relationship and ensure that treating practitioners are the primary voice helping patients determine the best course of treatment. We operate under the belief that third party payers should partner with physicians to facilitate care and not impose healthcare decisions on physicians or patients.