Our daughter had been taking a name brand antipsychotic drug for years to help with her behavioral issues. However, one day, our insurer refused to approve coverage for the brand drug, so our doctor re-wrote the prescription for the generic version instead. When we went to pick up the medicine, our pharmacist told us the prescription was going to cost us $600 out-of-pocket. When we went back to our insurer, they then said they would in fact cover the name brand drug but not the generic.  It took three weeks of back and forth with our insurer to resolve the confusion over which version of the drug they would cover.  During that time, my daughter was unable to take the medication she desperately needs, and both her behavior and sleeping patterns were completely thrown off.  I honestly felt like we were being robbed, having to pay $3 for the medicine one week and $600 the next.  The worst part is that our insurance company said it was possible that something like this could happen again.