I suffer from familial hypercholesterolemia, an inherited, genetic disorder that causes high cholesterol and puts me at early risk for a heart attack. My doctor wanted to treat my high cholesterol with a new class of drugs – called PCSK9 inhibitors – that would potentially prevent my needing to have open heart surgery in my 40’s (or sooner). It was the drug I had been waiting for all my life. After a year-long battle with my insurer, I finally got access to this potentially life-saving medication. But shortly after I was approved, my wife changed jobs, our insurance changed, and our new insurer also refused to cover the PCSK9 inhibitor. I was instead forced to begin step-therapy that required me to fail-first on other medications before I could take my doctor-prescribed treatment. After fighting, and winning, a long, drawn out battle with our previous insurer, I was back to square one, fighting with yet another health insurance provider to get access to a potentially life-saving, doctor-prescribed medication.