My type 1 diabetes requires that I take a long-lasting, 24-hour insulin.  The problem is, the insulin I was using never actually lasted me the full 24 hours. I would have to get up at 6am every morning to give myself a fast-acting insulin injection to stop my blood sugar from rising and prevent possible diabetic ketoacidosis. Recently, my doctor gave me some samples of a new type of long-lasting insulin.  The new insulin kept my blood sugar levels stable for a full 24 hours, which meant I no longer had to give myself an injection at 6am every day.  But the new insulin was on my insurers’ formulary exclusion list and they refused to cover the prescription.  My doctor had to first file a prior authorization application, and then my insurer required that I “fail-first” on a second long-lasting insulin before I was able to get the new version my doctor prescribed.  In the end, my insurer made me wait 7 months and jump through all kinds of hoops to get access to my doctor prescribed insulin that greatly improved my quality of life.  

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