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Join doctors, patients, advocates and others in the fight to preserve the doctor-patient relationship.

The Doctor-Patient Rights Project (DPRP) is a non-profit coalition of doctors, patients, caregivers, companies and advocates fighting to restore the fundamental practice of medicine and to ensure doctors, in partnership with their patients, drive patient care decisions.

The Project was founded in response to growing levels of third-party interference into the practice of medicine and the appropriate treatment of patients.

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Our Stories

My 11-year-old son Ethan has type 1 diabetes. For the last nine years, he’s used a fast-acting insulin called Novolog to effectively control his blood sugar. While my wife and I had read stories about other people having difficulty getting their insulin prescriptions, it was never a problem we experienced. Then one night, I went to the pharmacy to refill Ethan’s prescription and was told by the pharmacist that Novolog was no longer in our insurers’ formulary,